Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blog Post 1

Krissy Venosdale
In Krissy Venosdale's blog post "If I Built a School" she tells about how a school would look and be ran if she had built it. She tells how all of the walls in her school would be colorful and there would be a large fake tree in the library that held lights. She tells that there would be no set structure of "grade levels" but that the students would advance from room to room, not based on age, as they advanced. In her school students also get their %20 time which means they decide which class they attend on what the children are interested in. There are also no state tests in this school. There would also be fish tanks in the hall ways with seats for students to sit and just observe the fish.

Sugata Mitra
Sugata Mitra explains how schools are obsolete and also explains the difference between teaching in the past. present, and future. He also talks about how much technology is involved with everything now days not only just classrooms. He also tells about how he feels that Children teach themselves. Sugata believes that students teach themselves through collaborations and by teaching themselves.

My Dream Classroom

In my classroom I would be teaching high school level students. My dream classroom it would be very similar to Krissy Venosdale's. In my classroom tyhe entire room would be interactive. The board would all be touchscreen smart boards on which the students would present their group projects and teach the class as well. Instead of an old fashion lecture classroom all my students would learn in group activities. After each project is completed the groups would be scrambled so that every student has the opportunity to work with every other student. I want to teach my students the specific skills needed to apply the subject matter to their lives instead of just teaching a specified curriculum. I want my students to get something out of my class instead of just spitting information back out to me on test day. I want my students to learn skills that they are able to apply to their lives. Instead of a lecture type classroom i want everything to be interactive. For example I will use many group activities and projects instead of multiple choice and written tests. I would have certain projects in which each student ill teach the class for a day and the students peers will give them a review of their teaching and such.I plan to use smart boards as well as iPads and computers in which the students will create and present their projects.