Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blog Post #6

The Networked Student

In the video The Networked Student I learned about a class that is very much like our EDM 310 class.  The class is mainly online and most of the class is also left on the student's shoulder instead of the teaching lecturing and teaching the students in that type of setting. This teachers way of teaching reminds me a lot of Dr. Strange, especially in the sense of him being there when we need help with something but at the same time leaving the class work all on us. I really enjoy this type of teaching. I am all for being innovative as well as students being interactive. In this type of teaching the students are all interacting with each other.

The best part f this teaching method in my opinion is the fact that all the students are constantly connecting with each other. I feel that this is the best way of learning. Lecture classes in my opinion are not very affective, it is hard for a student to pay attention to someone speaking about something for over an hour. With this type of teaching it is something different each week whether it be watching a video or reading another students blog. I feel that this is much much more effective than traditional lecturing.

As for the question, "Are you ready to be a networked teacher?" I feel that I will eventually be a very effective networking teacher, but I have a lot of room to improve and many more things to learn. With technology constantly growing and expanding I will be looking forward to not only teaching my students about this technology but learn just as many things about it from them as they teach me.


I think the PLE is one cool tool. It makes things so much easier everything is organized and in the same place. Moving from one tile to the next is extremely easy and convenient. As for the video A 7th graders personal learning environment I thought this video was very informing and interesting. I like the fact that a 12 year old girl made this thats awesome that kids that young are able to use that kind of technology so fluently. I think the PLE and PLNs are amazing and should be used in as many setting as possible.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Sentence

Blog Post #5

Krissy Venosdale 

Krissy Venosdal, is a 3-6 grade Gifted Ed teacher.  She teaches in Hillsboro, Missouri. In her blog If I Built a School she explains what she thinks would be a perfect school.  In her school everything is interactive and promotes creativity. One major thing that stood out in her blog to me was how grade levels would be perceived. In her perfect school grade level are determined by the students ability instead of their age. She also says that the school curriculum would not be a strict thing. In her school the curriculum is very lose and is set for going deeper into subjects instead of state determined tests.

My school would be very much like Mrs. Venosdal's. I am all for creativity and love her ideas about having the entire school bring colors.  I would have a large emphasis on sports as well as academics. All athletes with lower than a 2.75 overall GPA would be required to attend study hall with tutors in order to raise their grades so that if they were given the opportunity to play at the collegiate level they would be eligible. In my school there would be school functions involving the entire student body at least once a month. For example there would be speakers or a field day or something like those two examples. The campus would be very inviting, signs would be electric and bright colors with constant movement. School lunches would actually be good! Lunch ladies would be nice and care about the food the cooked instead of sloppy joes and hotdogs everyday.

Virtual Choir

I though the Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque"- video was amazing! I have always found anything that connects that many people over the internet fascinating! It's really cool to see 185 people work together like that especially knowing the fact that they have never even met each other. I think this could be used in high-school around the world to connect choir students as well. Really cool technology.

Teaching in the 21st Century 

In the video Teaching in the 21st Century the video talks a lot about older teaching methods. The video goes on to talk about how these older teaching methods are going to be used in new teaching situations.   This video speaks a bit about asking students what they are interested in. This is my opinion is a very good point. If teachers actually ask students things like this it makes it much easier to teach them on certain subjects instead of forcing everything upon them.

Flipped Classrooms

In these flipping the classroom videos they talk about students watching interactive videos of their teachers instead of sitting in a classroom and listening to them lecture constantly. In these videos the teacher interacts with the students with moving props and interacting with the students over a video.

In my opinion flipping the classroom is a great idea. I am all for being interactive and things of that sort. I fell that being interactive with the students gets the information through to them much more better than original sit down and lecture classrooms. I feel that flipping the classroom also helps the student feel like its a one on one teaching session instead of the teacher teacher teaching to a classroom of 40 students it is much more like the teacher is only involved with one student at a time.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blog Post #4


The first video I watched was the benefits of podcasting.  I have zero experience with podcasts. After watching this video i understand that they can be very beneficial. One major reason they are beneficial is for children who are sick. A teacher can upload their lecture to iTunes for anyone who is out of class that day for them to see while they are at home and get as close to a full feeling of being in class as possible. Another thing I really like about the podcasts is that it makes it  easy to differentiate from other students. In my opinion it is hard for a student to be different than other with just words.

My second article was Podcasting with First Graders. This article really helped me understand exactly what podcasts are and how they work. It's pretty cool that first graders are already using this type of technology. When I was in first grade we were still using chalk boards and had nap time now first graders are doing podcasts! It is crazy how fast technology moves.

For my final article I chose Flat Stanley Podcast. This is one pretty interesting to me because when I was in my younger days of schooling we did Flat Stanley projects. I thinks its really cool how you could use a podcast and Flat Stanley to connect students all the way across the world. I also found this podcast very entertaining this was very well done!

Project #5 Presentation

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Special Blog Post #1

Wolfram Alpha Search

After I completed the Wolfram Search I concluded the following; India's population is 1.21 billion people, China's 1.35 billion, and America's only 309 million. The "Did you know?" video is beginning to make more sense. When watching that video a few weeks ago I did not even think about how much higher the population is in other foreign countries. After seeing this data I now understand that those percentages are much more equal than before because of the significant differences in populations.
After researching this I became a little interested in the amount of students that went to college in these foreign countries so I then used the Wolfram Alpha Search to search how many students in India attend college. That number is 14.86 million. I then searched how many people have masters degrees in the United States. That number is 18.25 million.

This program could be extremely useful to students. Students could easily use this search engine when doing research papers that need statistics. Students could be used as a calculator for homework assignments. Overall I enjoyed this search engine and believe it can be very useful.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

I found this counter simply amazing! It is insane to think about how many people are involved and becoming involved which social media, games, movies and such. For instance in the last 360 seconds over 300 iPhones were purchased. Thats ridiculous! This counter truly shows how fast our world today moves.

Looking into the field of education after reviewing this counter it shows how many students will be affected by all types of social media. Which makes this class very helpful to us as future educators. I say this because of the ever growing influence of social media on teens. We as future educators must be able to understand and use these medias as not only social interactions, but teaching tools as well

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blog Post 3

1. These videos and slideshows concerning peer review were very beneficial to me. One of these videos that i particularly enjoyed was the one evolving the children. It was entertaining but at the same time made it easy to understand what not to do when peer reviewing. The way i was taught to peer review was mainly to look for grammatical errors and sentence structure. I can now see that it should be more than that. I need to look into my peers work deeper and help them instead of just reading over their work for simple errors.

I chose to comment on my classmates blog. One reason I chose to do this is because I am not a big email person. I feel that I should be able to say whatever I need to tell them over a simple comment. I feel that I can say what i need to say in the open instead of in a closed email.

2. I was born and raised in the same town Hellen Keller was born in. I have known about how struggling it has been for blind and or deaf individuals. As for the Mountbatten had no idea that that type of technology had been invented.  The Mountbatten is mind blowing! It is comforting to know that their is technology like this that is there to help individuals dealing with disabilities. Even though  I do not have either of these disabilities if i had access to this machine I would have taken advantage of this and learned how to use it.

These new technologies are very interesting to me. One of these that really caught my attention was the use of the blocks with brail numbers on them. Coming from the video about this tool teaching blind students math seems to be and extremely difficult task but with the help of these block tools it has become easier and more efficient. Like I said before I find it comforting to know that there have been enough advances in technology to further teach individuals with blind and deaf disabilities.

3. Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
Vicki Davis

Mrs. Vicki Davis' approach on teaching is very similiar to the way that I plan to teach. One thing that really caught my attention in her video was the way she explained that teachers should not feel that they have to now everything about the subject to teach it.  She went on to say that her students have taught her things about the systems that she had not previously discovered. I also like how her classroom is constantly interactive  and he way she uses groups to incorporate the children being interactive.