Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blog Post #4


The first video I watched was the benefits of podcasting.  I have zero experience with podcasts. After watching this video i understand that they can be very beneficial. One major reason they are beneficial is for children who are sick. A teacher can upload their lecture to iTunes for anyone who is out of class that day for them to see while they are at home and get as close to a full feeling of being in class as possible. Another thing I really like about the podcasts is that it makes it  easy to differentiate from other students. In my opinion it is hard for a student to be different than other with just words.

My second article was Podcasting with First Graders. This article really helped me understand exactly what podcasts are and how they work. It's pretty cool that first graders are already using this type of technology. When I was in first grade we were still using chalk boards and had nap time now first graders are doing podcasts! It is crazy how fast technology moves.

For my final article I chose Flat Stanley Podcast. This is one pretty interesting to me because when I was in my younger days of schooling we did Flat Stanley projects. I thinks its really cool how you could use a podcast and Flat Stanley to connect students all the way across the world. I also found this podcast very entertaining this was very well done!


  1. "...this video i understand..." Capitalize i

    Thoughtful. Interesting.

  2. I am not very experienced with pod-casts either, and I had not thought of the usefulness of them in the classroom before this assignment. I am still on the edge about how I feel about using pod-casting in my future classroom, but I had not thought of it being about to benefit students who miss the lesson. That was a great idea to point out. Like you, this kind of technology was not used in my younger education, but the videos defiantly help shed some light on the idea.