Thursday, February 7, 2013

Special Blog Post #1

Wolfram Alpha Search

After I completed the Wolfram Search I concluded the following; India's population is 1.21 billion people, China's 1.35 billion, and America's only 309 million. The "Did you know?" video is beginning to make more sense. When watching that video a few weeks ago I did not even think about how much higher the population is in other foreign countries. After seeing this data I now understand that those percentages are much more equal than before because of the significant differences in populations.
After researching this I became a little interested in the amount of students that went to college in these foreign countries so I then used the Wolfram Alpha Search to search how many students in India attend college. That number is 14.86 million. I then searched how many people have masters degrees in the United States. That number is 18.25 million.

This program could be extremely useful to students. Students could easily use this search engine when doing research papers that need statistics. Students could be used as a calculator for homework assignments. Overall I enjoyed this search engine and believe it can be very useful.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

I found this counter simply amazing! It is insane to think about how many people are involved and becoming involved which social media, games, movies and such. For instance in the last 360 seconds over 300 iPhones were purchased. Thats ridiculous! This counter truly shows how fast our world today moves.

Looking into the field of education after reviewing this counter it shows how many students will be affected by all types of social media. Which makes this class very helpful to us as future educators. I say this because of the ever growing influence of social media on teens. We as future educators must be able to understand and use these medias as not only social interactions, but teaching tools as well

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