Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blog Post #6

The Networked Student

In the video The Networked Student I learned about a class that is very much like our EDM 310 class.  The class is mainly online and most of the class is also left on the student's shoulder instead of the teaching lecturing and teaching the students in that type of setting. This teachers way of teaching reminds me a lot of Dr. Strange, especially in the sense of him being there when we need help with something but at the same time leaving the class work all on us. I really enjoy this type of teaching. I am all for being innovative as well as students being interactive. In this type of teaching the students are all interacting with each other.

The best part f this teaching method in my opinion is the fact that all the students are constantly connecting with each other. I feel that this is the best way of learning. Lecture classes in my opinion are not very affective, it is hard for a student to pay attention to someone speaking about something for over an hour. With this type of teaching it is something different each week whether it be watching a video or reading another students blog. I feel that this is much much more effective than traditional lecturing.

As for the question, "Are you ready to be a networked teacher?" I feel that I will eventually be a very effective networking teacher, but I have a lot of room to improve and many more things to learn. With technology constantly growing and expanding I will be looking forward to not only teaching my students about this technology but learn just as many things about it from them as they teach me.


I think the PLE is one cool tool. It makes things so much easier everything is organized and in the same place. Moving from one tile to the next is extremely easy and convenient. As for the video A 7th graders personal learning environment I thought this video was very informing and interesting. I like the fact that a 12 year old girl made this thats awesome that kids that young are able to use that kind of technology so fluently. I think the PLE and PLNs are amazing and should be used in as many setting as possible.

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  1. I agree I absolutely hate lectures, especially if it's something boring. I prefer this type of hands on work over a normal classroom any day. I've learned so much, and have learned things I enjoy and things I don't enjoy. Technology isn't going anywhere nor will it stop growing, and I'm very excited about learning more! I have to admit I have gotten somewhat obsessed with the PLN this week. I'm using symbaloo and it's so awesome. I love the organization of it, and it's easy to learn. I made my older two kids a pages for their educational games, and found many resources to use. I will enjoy adding to our pages!