Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blog Post #1

About Me

My name is Chris May.  I am 20 years old. I play football at The University of South Alabama. I was born in Florence Alabama on February 23, 1992. I have lived in Dallas, Texas as well as Huntsville, Alabama. I graduated high school from Deshler High school in Tuscumbia, Alabama. I wrestled, was on the track team, and played football. I placed third in the state in 1-4a in wrestling during my senior year.  I also enjoy playing Xbox and hanging out with my friends in my free time.

I am attending South Alabama because I was recruited here to play football. If it was not for football I would have never known of South Alabama. My major is Physical Education, I am planning on becoming a PE teacher and a high school football coach. I am extremely passionate about sports as well as my family. I was recently selected to the Sunbelt All Conference team which was an extreme honor for me.

Future Classroom

In my future classroom I plan on breaking the usually norm of a constant lecture session. I want my classes to be interactive and entertaining as well as educational. I want my students to interact with each other as well as myself constantly because, I myself am a visual learner and I feel that things are much easier to be understood when the are explained with interactive activities instead of old fashion lectures. If possible I would like my classes to be as technologically advanced as possible, such as having iPads or tablets in class so that every student will be able to have a copy of power point slides and other materials used in class.

I am majoring in Physical Education to become a PE teacher but i am also planning on trying to be certified to be a math teacher as well. I want to do this mainly because it will make it much easier for me to be hired if i am able to teach two subjects. The other reason i will be doing this is because math is my favorite subject and i enjoy doing math and want to try to pass that on to my students. I plan to teach high school and not specifically one grade because I want to leave my options open for job opportunities.

I also plan on using group work quite often. One because it is very interactive and will teach my student how to work with each other better. My students will have more class presentations instead of writing papers. I also plan on giving my students incentives such as extra credit and having some small group competitions for this extra. One reason I will be doing this is because most students dread math and generally do not enjoy math, but if I am able to teach math while making it fun and enjoyable I will have done what I have set out to do.

I want to be the teacher that students enjoy coming to class to see. I want to be in touch with my students parents especially if my students are struggling in my class as long as my students show a will to improve i will do everything I can to help them. I plan to teach all of my students equally and show no favoritism. Instead of having favorite students I want my students to see me as their favorite teacher.

Dr. P

In this video I learned that when you have many things to do in what day that you need to do whichever seems to be the hardest or most time consuming should be done first. Another thing I learned was when doing things look to do the right thing instead of just doing it right. Which was somewhat hard to understand at first but once I understood the philosophy it made complete sense.


  1. "...the usually norm..." usually should be usual

    "...but i am also planning..." and "The other reason i will be..." and "subject ...and i enjoy doing math..." Capitalize the word I. This can easily be caught by proofreading!

    All Conference Team - Congratulations!

    Welcome to EDM310!

  2. From veiwing your post, I noticed that you didn't capitalize the word I. Also, I noticed a few commas placed in the wrong spot. I agree with Dr. Strange; this could be fixed by proofreading. Good post though!!! Wish you well in EDM310!!!