Sunday, January 27, 2013

C4T#1 comment 1

While reading Mr. Chamberlains blog post I began to understand something I had previously not seen. He explained how children hide some of their disabilities such as, being socially awkward. . He also explained that those children are looked over and many teachers do not make an effort to understand those children or to help them. I began to realize that I had done the same thing when I was younger. I did not have many friends in my younger years of schooling. As I went through highschool that took a 180 degree turn and i began to understand i needed to help younger children who coped with these things as i once had. In my comment I wen on to say that I do what i am able to in order to help that type of child by making an extra effort to associate myself with them. I do this so that i am better able to understand these children and help them cope with their problems.

I went to Mr. Chamberlains blog and he had not yet posted a new blog so I went back to his most recent one before the first one that i read on. In the blogpost of Mr. Chamberlains that I read Mr. Chamberlains was doing an experiment in which he let his students critique his every move. I thought this was a very interesting way to go bout his experiment. I am a very strong believer in students being very involved with the teacher during class and this was an exceptional way of getting that done.He went on to tell that he was not prepared for his experiment, had no data, and ended up just playing around with the aluminum being used in the experiment. Then he said that none of his students noticed this. He then went on to say that most of them only noticed that he was not wearing gloves. Which makes and interesting argument that in interactive experiments are students really paying attention to what is being presented or not? In my opinion yes they are and I feel that interactive projects are very helpful but this experiment could bring up a very arguable point. In my comment to Mr. Chamberlain i just stated that I was very interested in the way he went about his experiment and learned a lot from it 

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