Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blog Post #3

Peer Editing

Example of a peer being extremely picky when reviewingThese videos were very beneficial to me. I learned the importance of being positive when reviewing a classmates blog assignments. The video Peer Editing had very valuable information in it. The peer editing video even showed, and explained, the correct symbols to use when editing a peers assignments. The slideshow Tutorial Peer Editing gives the correct steps to peer editing which are: Step 1 Compliments. Step 2 Suggestions. Step 3 Corrections. The slideshow also gives examples of things to say when complimenting a peer. For example, I really liked your topic, or, I think you used alot of good detail. I found the video Writing Peer Review to be my favorite of the three. It shows many different types of reviewers and describes what you should not do when reviewing a peers work. For example it shows "Picky Patty"who is extremely picky and has to correct every single thing on your paper, things like the size of your commas and other things of that nature.


  1. Chris, I thought your blog post was really interesting because of the examples you used.I agree with you about your opinion on the Peer Editing video that it gave a lot of useful information. I also did not see any grammatical errors in this post. However I do suggest that your post be longer and also go into more detail about the videos and slideshow.

  2. Chris,

    I am glad you found certain aspects of this blog post assignment helpful. Do try to divide your paragraphs so that it is possible to see where one ends and another begins. I hope you can use all you have learned to help in critiquing your collaborative blog posts!

  3. See Elizabeth's comment. Kai makes a good point about the importance of examples.