Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blog Post #9


  1. I really liked you presentation. It was short and sweet. I would just make sure that you proofread your slides and make sure that all your slides are error free. Great job

  2. Good

    It's hard to avoid boilerplate when you can't use DiscoveryEd yourself. Watch for my interview with Anthony Capps coming soon. It will be a special assignment I think the interview will give you a better perspective of how Discovery ED can be used. I did a lousy job with the BP#9 assignment! Next semester it will be better as I discussed in class 7/2/13.

  3. Your presentation was a little hard to read since it takes up almost the whole page. Remember to resize presentations and videos to fit nicely into your blog post! Also, on slide 5, "our" should be "are"!.