Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blog Post #8

Back to the Future-  Chris May

In Brian Crosby’s video Learning is messy he tells about his classroom that is full of multi racial and poverty stricken kids. In his classroom all of his students have their own blog as well as their own computer. In that sense his class is a lot like EDM 310. By having their own blogs and computers this urges his students to think outside of the box. His students are privileged enough to be involved in projects quite a bit. He tells about a project the students were given in which they sent up small hot air balloons into the air. After doing this the students were challenged to answer why and how the balloon lifted and flew through the air. After finishing up their answers they were then directed to write a story about what if they were the balloon and how they would react. The students also have their own wiki and flickr accounts which they use in their class as well.

In my opinion Mr. Crosby is one awesome teacher. Considering how young the students are is very impressive to me. When I was in 4th and 5th grade I was just happy to get to run around the gym I would have loved to have had a teacher like this. SInce I am planning on becoming a PE teacher I am not quite sure how I can use PBL in a PE situation but I do plan to look into how to incorporate it because PBL is extremely useful!

Making Thinking Visible- Corey Waldon

In the video Making Thinking Visible by Mark Church,  he discuss how his students make their thinking visible. He explains an assignment where he records  his students  learning and follow their thought process. In the video he asks his students to come up with a title that summarized their thoughts on what they were reading. They put the titles on a long blank sheet of paper and presented it to the class. What Mr. Church was doing was getting his students thoughts down in writing and after a couple weeks of going more in depth in the reading he said he was going to do the same assignment to see if the students title would change. He did this to see how much there thinking had differed from the beginning of the lesson.
As teachers one thing we can learn from Mark Church is how to get in touch with our students thoughts and how to document those thoughts. By making thinking visible Mark gives his students a challenge to come up with a title where they collaborate with other students and address all their thoughts and decided which one explains the thoughts of the whole group. Teachers can learn how students work together, how they listen to one another and how students express their thoughts. I believe making thinking visible is a great idea and I support it 100 percent.

Blended Learning Cycle- Kai Lopez
Mr. Paul Anderson's has been teaching science at the high school level for the last nineteen years. He is currently teaching AP biology class in Bozeman, Montana. In 2011, Mr. Anderson received an award named the Montana Teacher of the Year award and was a top finalist for the National Teacher of the Year award. In his video, Blended Learning Cycle, he talks about his combination of Blended Learning and Learning Cycle. Blended Learning is a combination of online, mobile, and classroom learning. And the Learning Cycle is when students engage, explore, explain, expand, and evaluate on what they are learning. Mr. Anderson puts those together and comes up with the Blended Learning Circle. He starts off his class with a good question which he calls the "hook" to grasp their attention. After the question he ask them to investigate or experiment on what they are learning. Then he has the students watch a video, and ask them to elaborate on what they are learning. After elaborating, he has the students review and make sure the students know what they just learned.  To end the class he gives them a timed summary quiz which if the student does not get a question right, then they go back and fix what they do not know.

What I learned from Mr. Paul Anderson is a successful way to teach my students. The main point I got out of his video was to make sure to ask a good question to have the students get engaged to what is being taught. Instead of being a basic teacher and just lecturing and reading the textbook, I can go above and beyond with my students in the way I teach with them by teaching off the Blended Learning Cycle.


  1. Great post. I think you have a great understanding of what Mr. Crosby said in the video. But as far as incorporating PBL into PE, I think that you should do some research on what other teachers are doing to try and incorporate this concept in their class. My dad just retired from teaching as a PE teacher. You might want to start by seeing what being a PE teacher at a school might require for you to do in the classroom. There are several ways you can incorporate PBL into your lessons by requiring you students to do outside projects from school. Some of my teachers from high school had us track our diets and workout habits outside and inside school.

  2. Chris,

    Good summary. Where are your ALT and TITLE mods for your image? :)

  3. " By having their own blogs and computers this urges his students to think outside of the box." Eliminate By and this. Even after doing that urges is not the correct verb. What should the verb be?

    Coaches use PBL in everything they do unless they have students memorize how to run plays and then never practice. If they do that they will not be coaches very long. I wish the same were true for teachers who are not coaches!