Sunday, June 9, 2013

C4t #1

a picture of my C4T comment
In my C4T project I was assigned to Mr. Robos blog The PE teacher. The first post that I commented on was basically explaining 5 PE teachers that should be followed on twitter. I found this very useful because I, myself am very involved with and I am also planning on becoming a PE teacher. In my comment I basically explained how I found his blog interesting and appreciated him giving a few PE teachers to follow on twitter. In the second post I read about an app that has recently been created that allows people to regulate their music while working out. For example, the Workout app would allow you to set a song or bell to go off every 20 seconds to notify you of when to rest and when to continue exercise. I found this app awesome! In my comment I was explaining to Mr. Robo that this not only will make my workouts more efficient but also more enjoyable.


  1. Using a screenshot of your comment is a fantastic idea! I wonder where the idea came from? haha But Dr. Strange is right. Where's your second comment for C4T #1?

  2. OIK. I now see them both. Good. Glad they were helpful.