Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blog Post #14

For this project you will research on your own and find ways in which project based learning can be used in a Physical Education class setting. Make sure and include the tools and resources your students will use in order to do this project. There is no limit on what or what not you can use. The only guideline is that it MUST be a project based learning assignment. Be sure and give the time frame and means of creation of this project.

Here are a few blogs/videos to get you started.

Brandon Pflug's post - Project based learning in PE

Andrew Miller's blog - The Whole Child Blog

Dwight Carter's blog - PBL in Action

PBL tool kit for K-6 - Tool Kit

Eric Davolt's video- Project Based Learning

For my students project they will be separated into even groups. In these groups students will select a specific sport in which they will in depth research. In this research they will find out the following:
- Creator of the sport and how it was created.
- Where it originated
- How it is played
- At what levels it is played at
- Where is it most relevant today
- If a professional sport what is the average pay of that athlete
- List a few of the best players of that sport and some information about them
- What is the structure of management
- Rules of the game
- How is it officiated
- How athletes train for the specific sport
- What is the biggest stage the sport is played on
- What type of surface is the sport played on
- etc.

Students will be given one month to create a presentation of this project. We will use class time to work on the project but students will have to also to some work outside of the classroom to complete this project. The presentation can be a powerpoint, google presentation, video, or podcast. There is no limit to how long or short the project must be but all of the major points must be covered or points will be taken off. Students will use computers in the computer lab at school to do their research during class time. Students could also interview a person who played the sport they chose but that person must be older and play at a higher level of their specific sport.


  1. This resembles a learning plan more than it dies a Blog Assignment that I should add to EDM310. Some good resources, however. Read the instructions for Blog post #14 again. How does this fit thatassignment? I'll add some of the links to the next semester EDM310 materials or assignments.

  2. Chris,

    I agree with Dr. Strange. You were supposed to create an assignment for EDM 310. This does sound interesting though.