Wednesday, July 3, 2013

C4T #3

I was assigned to Brendan Jone's blog Jonesy the teacher. In my first post in which I commented on he talked about the issue of road safety and how he is teaching his students about this problem. He assigned his students a project in which his students were to make a video about a certain phrase enveloping road safety and make a short clip about it. In my comment I explained to Mr. Jones that I really liked the idea of what he was doing and that I was really looking forward to seeing his students videos.

In my second post I commented on Mr. Jones is basically talking about "burp back" education. He talks a good bit about PBL and how that is what he is going to bring that into his classroom. In my comment to Mr. Jones I told him that I really agree with his choice to do this and that we use the same techniques in our EDM class.

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  1. And what is he going to bring to his classroom? You tell us NOTHING. Unsatisfactory. We also need to know what the "certain phrase" is in part 1.