Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Project #13 Part 3


  1. Chris, please resize your presentation to make it smaller! It stretches across the whole page!

  2. THis is Project #15. It is the 3rd Lesson Plan, I think. Am I correct? If so, please change the title. Also RESIZE the presentation. get the new code. replace the old code.

  3. You did not renumber.

    Lightly demonstrated? What does that mean? Slide 2 What's on the paper?

    Research on what? What is the driving question?

    Continue research on what?

    Describe what?

    What rubric will be followed?

    What other coaches. Can you get their agreement to do so? What rubric will they follow?

    Slide 8 Why in the weight room?

    What rubric?

    A start, but the rest is just thrown together it seems to me.