Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Project #13

Cooperative Lesson Plan Activity
Name:   Chris May                                                                                                                                          

Assignment: cooperative Group Activity                                                         
Theme: working with a group to untangle a human knot
Part of Lesson Plan: Introduction
Activity Title: untangling human arms                                                                      
Teaching Style: Indirect and working together
Level: 1                 
Formation: In a circle all holding hands but your hands are crossed-over
Tools/Equipment: none
Music: none
Content Standards: Standards 1-6
Teaching Cues: Students will get in groups of four and all cross their arms over one another, then they will grab hands and try to untangle the knot within the group by working together
Disciplinary Action: When you miss behave or mess with other students, you will receive a warning and if you continue to misbehave then you will have to sit out for the game
Teaching methods/ Methodology: make sure they know that they are not allowed to let go of anyone in their groups’ hands and know their body parts
Assessment strategies: observation
Safety guidelines: keep your hands to yourself
Adapt for students with:
Physical: If a student had a broken arm, they can judge whether the group lets go of their hands or not
Emotional: If the student does not like crowded area, I would make sure everyone was evenly spaced out to make that student comfortable
Mental: If the student did not understand the activity, I would use visual aids or demonstrate with myself
Diversity: If the student speaks Spanish, I would show them and make sure they understand the game
Level 2 and 3: I would make the game more difficult by placing the students in a more complex knot to try and untangle

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  1. This was to have been a cooperative assignment with one product. Apparently it was not done that way. Why not?

    My review will follow.