Sunday, July 14, 2013

C4T #4

I was assigned to Dylan Blain's blog The Physical Education Teacher. In the first post I commented on Mr. Blain was telling about departmental developments and how they were sharing information with other PE teachers. In order to share their documents they are using things like iPads and google docs, things of that nature. In my comment I explained to Mr. Blain who I was and why I was commenting on his blog. I then told him that we used a lot of the same resources his department is using to share our information. 

In the second post I commented on Mr. Blain is talking about research informed ideas. He posted a few links to some blogs that were very educational about physical education. He also gave the name of a woman to follow on twitter. In my comment to Mr. Blain I told him that I enjoyed the two links he had shared as well as the teacher on twitter. The links and twitter handle are very helpful and I enjoyed reading them.


  1. " He also gave the name of a woman to follow on twitter." her name and her Twitter handle should be included in this post. Pass along what you learn!

  2. Chris,

    It sounds like you discovered a few useful things from Mr. Blain.