Sunday, July 21, 2013

Blog Post #16

Final Blog Post

I will be teacher 9-12th grade PE students. I plan on becoming a PE teacher. I will not be like the average PE teacher though. I will actually teach my kids instead of just giving them a ball and saying go play. I plan teach my students using technology and project based learning.

I plan on using project based learning by not only teaching my students in a gym but also helping them research on topics along the lines of physical education.  My class will actually be physical EDUCATION not just play basketball. I plan to use as much technology in my classroom as possible. I also plan to teach my students how to play games as well. We will not always be in a library of computer lab but we will use technology as well as games and things of that nature. 

I want my student to take PE seriously and not think they are just taking my class to get 50 minutes off and sit in the bleachers. My students will learn bout physical education as well as dieting and being active. I am truly looking forward to becoming a teacher and being able to help mold kids lives. 

When I wrote our first blog post assignment I wrote it as if I were a teacher of a subject that is not PE. I only did that initial because I did not know how to incorporate technology into a PE setting. Now that I have gone through this EDM course I now see that that is possible. The only problem is that most PE classes are held in a gym. So that , unfortunately, is how my classroom would look. As far as teaching would go I want to incorporate technology into my classroom as much as possible using blogs, computers, and iPads. Like I said before I am really looking forward to becoming a teacher and trying to eliminate burp back education and teach my students how to apply things instead of just repeat.


  1. Chris,

    What tools in particular do you think you might use? Also, your video is set to private so I was unable to watch it.

  2. "...learn bout physical..." about, not bout

    I cannot watch your video reflection. It must be set to public for me to watch it (which I must be able to do)!